Everyone in the U.S. is hyped with anticipation for the Super Bowl on Sunday. Go Giants! Many people don’t realize how the game evolved to became the phenomenon that it is today.

When I learned that this American pastime was shaped by the military, it wasn’t a stretch to envision a violent north eastern college sport was taken adopted by the military that popularized the game for team building and developed regulations.

Although most people don’t think about it today, you can still hear military language used—trench warfare, field generals, sacking, and blitzing.

According to a Discovery article, in the early years military teams often played against college teams and this sometimes caused problems. “In 1894, for example, two separate games were scheduled to be played on Thanksgiving Day in Indiana, even though the tradition was for just the state’s top two teams to play that day.”

The popularity of the game during WWI was enhanced because football was a great diversion for soldiers helping to keep them out of trouble and build teamwork.  As the number of people rose in the military so did the civilian buy in as they visited bases to watch games.

There are still military connections today. For instance the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl trophy was named for an assistant coach at West Point.

The read the article click on Discovery News.


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