Ancestry.comGiant strides have been made in the science of DNA in the past couple of years and it’s especially exciting for genealogists and family historians to know that the use of Autosomal biogeograpical markers (BGA) is rapidly becoming an everyday occurrence.

You may already know that the Y chromosome is passed down from father to son (the paternal line), the X chromosome is passed from mother to child (males: only maternal grandparents and females: all grandparents). Chromosomes 1 to 22 carry autosomal DNA (passed from both parents to all children from all grandparents).

I was surprised to find out last year that didn’t offer an autosomal test, but this is about to change in 2012.

According to the Rootstech keynote speech “Making the Most of Technology to Further Family History Industry” delivered by Ken Chahine, Senior Vice President and General Manager, DNA at, the company will soon offer autosomal DNA testing. The DNA revolution is a force that is rapidlly producing new products and will turn into content.

Chahine has built a team of biologists who have been creating and refining algorithms to analyze the data and present it in meaningful ways to users. They plan to integrate DNA into ancestry records that will help pick out the correct John Doe you’re looking for in the future.

As of December 2011, has more than 1.7 million paying subscribers around the world and is home to more than 8 billion historical records and millions of family trees. It’s not hard to imagine that whey will make a huge splash this year when they offer autosomal testing at DNA.

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3 Comments on to offer autosomal DNA testing in 2012

  1. Karla1355 says:

    I guess if i want to a paternal lineage test as a female i cannot do it. I read that i Can ask a male relative to do in the place of me- will this work?

  2. Sandy Arnone says:

    Hi Karla, You have few choices:
    1. Ancestry says they will be offering autosomal DNA testing this year.
    2. Family Tree DNA offers Family Finder which includes autosomal (autosomal crosses all family lines and Family Tree can go back 5-generations).
    3. My Heritage is now offering DNA testing which includes a Family Finder test with autosomal. My Heritage claims to go back 6-generations
    4. 23andMe has an autosomal testing. 23andMe claim to be the best because they test more strands of DNA. This probably means they can go back more than 6-generations.
    5. Have a paternal side male relative willing to donate Y-DNA.

  3. Sarah says:

    Females receive no X chromosomal dna from their paternal grandfathers. Males give their mother’s x chromosome to their daughters since males have the Y from their fathers and their X from their mothers.

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