Former CEO at, Jay Verkler, said in a RootsTech speech that he believes 7 billion people will participate in family history 40 years from now.  This is not hard to believe—unlike the fad hobbies that come and go, family history search is gaining speed.

We are now able to find so much genealogy information online people no longer need to travel around the world to search through records.

FamilySearch is a fabulous resource and still free. “In 10 years the 2.4 million microfilmed records contained at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City will be digitized.”

Because of all the resources available, which includes the technology that helps us to connect with our ancestors, the annual RootsTech conference will become one of the most important events to add to your schedule. Last year about 3,000 people attended and this year about 4,200 registered. Some events were streamed live for people unable to attend so this puts a new slant on the big picture.

Verkler presented the new Facebook Timeline at the conference. This is a new feature and he explained how it could be used to capture someone’s life.  I’m still on the sidelines with this idea. Although I’m Facebook user, I’m somewhat leery about having such personal information available to millions of people.

Robert Gardner and Dave Barney of Google showed attendees how search engines are changing to accommodate family history research. “The explosion of information has skyrocketed,” Gardner said. “Very little information is findable by search engines.” Gardner said they were working at Google to find a solution to this problem.”

Here’s another great tip from Jay Verkler: “It is important to keep in mind the lifetime of a link, Verkler says. Links only live two to three years. This means that filing a link, as a resource, might not always be beneficial because the link may not exist in the future.”

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