According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is preparing to introduce a new cloud-based storage service called Google Drive, which is a potential rebrand of Google documents. Expectations are set for the Google Drive to rival the very popular cloud storage provider Dropbox,Inc.

Google currently provides ample storage space of emails and attachments, but Google Drive will offer twice the amount of storage similar to that of the Dropbox cloud storage service.

Although sources in the know say that the launch of Google’s new service is imminent, there is no response to the report by the company.

The new Google Drive is expected to rival Apple iCloud, which allows users to store files online with support for synchronization through Apple iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch.

“After its launch, the new Google service will likely join the company’s Google Apps, the suite of online software that it sells to academic institutions and businesses, which will then make Google Drive a direct competitor to

Google may introduce the cloud storage service within the next months, giving users a new way to store images, audio and multimedia files in the cloud.”

The Wall Street Journal said that users could upload content to Google Drive and share it via a hyperlink rather than capturing a photo sending it as a file.

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  1. Google Drive says:

    All our files will be in the cloud. Photos, etc. There are a risk in this about if crack your password they got access to everything. Better two or three services in the cloud. Do you think the same?

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