The National Genealogical Society (NGS) is cracking down, with good reason, on folks recording presentations at the NGS Family History Conference. Without prior written permission, the NGS will not allow “audio recordings, still photograph, video recordings, or written transcripts”.

You can still communicate via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or blog at the conferences, but only to summarize, highlight presentations, review, critique, or promote the content, but you can’t share an entire presentation and the author of any material must be referenced and cited.

Since people spend a lot of time working on content and materials for their presentations it sounds fair that copyright laws should be applied.

It always amazes me that the following requests need to be written down in policies and procedures especially the last point on the list:

We request that participants in the conference refrain from:

  • Using audio and/or video recording devices. These are strictly prohibited in sessions and in the Exhibit Hall, except in the interview area or by prior written agreement.
  • Using photographic devices during sessions.
  • Using photographic devices in the session rooms without permission of the speaker.
  • Capturing, transmitting, or redistributing syllabus materials or the bulk of the material presented in a session. Doing so infringes on the intellectual property rights of the speakers.
  • Engaging in rudeness or personal attacks.

There’s a lot more, so please click on the link to National Genealogical Society to read the new policy, which is effective immediately.

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