Point-and-shoot cameras are usually wonderful low budget friendly cameras. Last year, I bought a Kodak Easy Share 14 megapixel camera for on-the-go family fun and for photographing documents at the local library or family history center, without having to go through the scanner routine. The fact is that my $79 camera did a remarkably fine job of capturing genealogical documentation with crystal clear images, but still left much to be desired in other areas. Uploading the pictures to my laptop is a challenge and when I press the button to take the picture I have to remember to count to 5 before the camera actually takes the photograph. Perhaps I was unlucky and they’re not all like this. I’ve have told myself many times that I should have stayed with Canon.

With this in mind, I read an article yesterday on Gizmag about the new Cannon PowerShot G-series. It’s a point-and-shoot 14.3-megapixel camera. Unlike most point-and-shoot cameras it does come with a higher price tag and most of us will have to ask ourselves what do we need it for? It’s $799 but maybe not so high for a quality point-and-shoot (dummy) camera. Photography buffs are often  more than willing to spend a lot more to get high quality results.

According to the experts this camera will deliver the highest image quality available for this type of camera.

Click on the link to read the details in the Gizmag article or click on the video below to see an easy to understand  description of the camera.

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