The World Memory Project has keyed more than one million records. All the records contain important information on individual victims of the Holocaust and Nazi persecution from children in Germany to Jewish victims at camps in Poland, the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

The information is available free of charge on and will help survivors and their families find missing chapters of their history and learn the fate of loved ones.

The World Memory project is, extremely grateful to the 2,400 contributors who have donated a cumulative 28,000 hours to help us build the largest online resource for information on individual victims of the Holocaust.

But our work is not over, and time is running out. Many more families still seek answers, and there are hundreds of thousands more records to make searchable. If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to join the World Memory Project today.

Just a few minutes of your time could help bring the truth to light and preserve it for current and future generations.

I received the information from an email sent out by Lisa Pearl of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

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