Like the other islands in the Balearic Islands (Ibiza and Forentera)  just off the Spanish coast in the Mediterranean sea, the island of Majorca is a favored spot for vacationers  from the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, and the Scandinavian countries. I can tell you it’s a real gem.

The latest information from DNA Consultants is particularly interesting because it points to the roots of Marjorcan Franciscan monk Junipero Serra who founded California’s Spanish mission system was Jewish and likely the family of Christopher Columbus too.

The Mojorcan Jews are part of the Spanish (Sephardic) division of world Jews and in 2011 a Rabbinical court recognized the Majorican Chuetas and their genealogically related families as Jews.

DNA consultants has population data on Majorcan Jews and this population data represents DNA samples from 102 unrelated Jewish people on the island. The samples were gathered by the Genetics Laboratory of the Biology Department at the University of the Balearic Islands.

For more details and some fascinating links to additional information click on DNA Consultants.

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