Graduate of the Savannah College of Art and design Gary Daniels has recently announced the discovery of 2000 year old pottery in the state of Georgia. The highly decorated pottery known as Swift Creek Complicated Stamped started around 100 A.D. and continued on for several hundred years.

The glyphs were noted as being similar in design to those in Mexico but were overlooked as a coincidence, but the odds of Daniels discovery being a coincidental is highly unlikely. He has proved that these designs were Mayan glyphs by comparing them against those in a Mayan glyph dictionary.

As a result, fifty years of research into the origins of Native American societies in the Southeastern U.S. is potentially overturned and this recent discovery represents a much more complicated illustration of interconnectedness with societies in ancient America.

It all began when Daniels found several Mayan words in the Hitchiti language spoken by the Hitchiti-Creek Indians who, at one time, lived throughout Georgia. The modern descendants of the Hitchiti-Creek are the Seminole and Miccosukee of Florida and Oklahoma.

The largest accumulation of Swift Creek pottery was found at the Kolomoki Mounds in southwest Georgia. The site features a enormous earthen pyramid over six stories tall, which still stands today. Its base is larger than a football field. The edifice is stuccoed with bright red and white Georgia clay and is so thick and well finished that the experts joked that it would take an earthquake and dynamite to break through it. Daniels did note that this pyramid stands today proving that it’s a structure of sophisticated engineering.

Gary Daniels’ find and brilliant deduction has raised many new questions regarding the origin and nature of the Native American civilization in the area. It is proof that ancient civilizations of the Americas were more interconnected than modern scholars currently believe.

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You can read Daniels’ full research on this discovery here: “Mayan Glyphs on Georgia, Florida Pottery?” Daniels is also currently writing a book about his discoveries entitled Maya In America: The Untold Story of Ancient America. You can subscribe to his newsletter or like his facebook page to keep up-to-date with his latest discoveries.

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