A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the release of the 1940 on April 2 at 9:00 a.m. The only place you’ll find the entire online census is 1940census.archives.gov published in conjunction with genealogy company Archives.com.

To help you get started, if you’d like to download a free guide on how to read the census and get the most out of the data click on United States Census Bureau  where you’ll find instructions on how to download.

After all the promotion notices that have been circulated to the entire country, I strongly suspect that unless they have prepared with enough bandwidth to handle access by a huge amount of people there are bound to be problems. We can keep our fingers crossed.

Soon after the release other major websites will be adding the records. I’ve looked up a short list of these online sites as follows:

  1. Ancestry.com
  2. Archives.com
  3. censusrecords.com
  4. FamilySearch.org
  5. MyHeritage.com  
  6. FamilyLink.com (owned by MyHeritage)
  7. WorldVitalRecords (recently acquired by My Heritage)

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