It’s almost as though the self-fulfilling prophesy is at work, because the nightmare scenario for Mac owners has arrived. For years I’ve heard folks saying it’s bound to happen. One person I know who owns a Mac and has refused to open greetings cards from reputable vendors—the ones you pay for.

Macs have historically been left unsullied, because of their low market share. Since Microsoft has the biggest number of victims, those hacking criminals have focused their attack on computers running Microsoft’s Windows software for illicit money schemes. With Apple’s increasing market share this has changed. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened before.

What has been evolving since last September has finally taken root in the form of malware called Flashback. And, according to a Russian antivirus company, saout 600,000 Macs worldwide are affected. Flashback is made capable of infecting Apple Macintosh systems through Java an element of programs used by many companies in the software development process.

According to ZDNet, “What makes this outbreak especially chilling is that the owners of infected Macs didn’t have to fall for social engineering, give away their administrative password, or do something stupid. All they had to do was visit a web page using a Mac that had a current version of Java installed.”

The good news is that a fix was released on Tuesday through Apple’s software-updating service.

If you suspect your Mac has been affected F-Secure has posted instructions on how to remove the malware. Click on the link how to remove malware from your Mac.  

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  1. A. Pickering says:

    Yep. Half of the Mac users were waiting for this and the other half never believed it would happen.

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