Did Mr. Robert Douglas Norman have a premonition of his demise before he sailed on the unsinkable Titanic?

A will has been unearthed written by Scotsman Robert Douglas Norman,  a 28-year-old second-class passenger on the Titanic and one of the 1514 people who died on the ill-fated maiden voyage.

Only a couple of days ago, record keepers released a letter Norman wrote to his brother in Canada the night before the ship sailed. It described how he wished his estate to be divided in the event of his death to his to his half-sister, step-niece and cousin.

Six days later the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank into the icy waters of the Atlantic, along with 1514 passengers and crew. Robert’s body was recovered by a cable repair ship and later buried in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The original letter and inventory of Robert’s estate was discovered by the National Records of Scotland as part of their effort to digitize thousands of paper records for the Scotland’sPeople genealogy website.

The documents will be shown from April 16 at the ScotlandsPeople Centre in Edinburgh. It would be nice if a digitized copy could be uploaded to the website too.

This post is a précis of the article printed in the Daily Record newspaper.

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