I’d like to share Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter biographical post on Mr. Roy Stockdill and his fascinating series about Famous Family Trees published on the Findmypast.co.uk blog.

I’m planning on following  every one of Mr Stockdill’s articles as they appear and highly recommend you join him as he travels through time investigating the family histories of famous people.

I was fascinated with his article on Charlie Chaplin and shared it on this blog a couple of weeks ago.  Mr Stockdill’s most recent post on veteran actress Anne Reid MBE is a very interesting human interest story which reflects on Anne’s own live choices as well as  “the road not taken.” In Ms Reid’s case it was not following her family into journalism.

See Dick Eastman’s blog post below where you’ll find the link to Roy Stockdill’s Famous Family Trees series:

Roy Stockdill is a retired national newspaper journalist in England. He edited the Journal of One-Name Studies (for the Guild of One-Name Studies) for 10 years, is on the Board of Trustees of the Society of Genealogists and is commissioning editor of the ‘My Ancestors…’ series of books. He also writes regularly for Family Tree magazine in England. He is also a kind host to visiting American genealogy tourists, such as myself. I have known Roy for years and I love his sense of humor. I have mentioned Roy’s many talents a number of times in this newsletter. You can read my past articles about him if you start at http://goo.gl/Osi01.

Now Roy Stockdill has applied his talents to documenting the families of well-known personalities, both living and dead.

Roy’s first effort was documenting the rather hazy facts surrounding Charlie Chaplin’s birth and family. Several claims have been made about Chaplin, who always seemed to keep those facts secret.

Roy’s second article details the beginnings of veteran actress Anne Reid, MBE, who stars in the latest BBC TV series of Upstairs Downstairs as cook Mrs Thackeray.

Roy details not only the famous person but parents, grandparents, other relatives, and even household boarders whenever possible. He paints a picture of the entire family, not just of the famous person.

You can read Roy Stockdill’s Famous Family Trees in the findmypast.co.uk blog at http://blog.findmypast.co.uk/category/famous-family-trees/.

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4 Comments on Roy Stockdill shares his series of articles on the family trees of the famous

  1. Tammy P. says:

    I read the previous article on Charlie Chaplin. The article on Anne Reid was interesting too, although she’s not so well known where I live. The interest in famous people continues to spark the interest in genealogy and it’s always a surprise (I don’t know why) to find that so many people who are famous are usually ordinary folks from regular families.

  2. Jan King says:

    Sandy, I love your blog because it’s so different and your always share and cite your sources. The post on Charlie Chaplin was wonderful. Wow! he was a good looking man when he was young. Mr. Stockdill’s series must be a great draw for Find My Past.

  3. Tin Lizzie says:

    Very nice and interesting to read about famous family trees.

  4. Roger White says:

    Absolutely loved the post on Simon Cowell – Roy’s work deserves more recognition around the web, all of his posts on famous figures are fascinating.

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