It wasn’t so long ago that I heard the warnings at work to embrace and learn new processes with comments like, “Unless you embrace the new technologies and a new way of performing tasks, you’re bound to be looking for a new job.”  This turned out to be true. As you can well imagine, too many people thought the old processes were better and let it be known that they were sincerely blind to future possibilities.

In the world of government agencies like our National Archives and the Department of the Interior one might expect technological change to be like turning an ocean liner or “shifting the elephant”.  I’m always impressed to read blog posts written by David Ferriero, the Archivist of the United States.

His most recent article discusses the smart use of social media and how it’s mission critical to the National Archives because the agency is charged with advising Federal Agencies and the White House about the technologies they are using.

The National Archives and many other government agencies, like the Department of the Interior, understand the use of social media as a way to reach out to the people of this country.

I keep up with the National Archives through their use of technology. It helps to keep us informed and makes everything so much more interesting and available. Considering that huge bureaucratic machine, called the government, the current administration has a deep understanding of how it all works.

“We should understand the sea change that technology has brought to the American public and people around the world. According to a Pew report, 66% of online adults use social media platforms. By effectively engaging with social media tools, we are building and maintaining relevance with the public.”

Click on AOTUS National Archives to read David Ferriero’s blog post.

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