If you’re researching your family history, or just an enthusiastic NASCAR racing (especially a Jr. Nation) fan, you’ll be more than interested to know that Dale Earnhardt Jr. has discovered an interest in his own genealogy.

I couldn’t help smiling when I read the article written by Jim Utter of the Charlotte Observer, because Dale Junior’s reaction to finding his ancestors reflects the experience of most others who previously had no interest in their ancestry—too busy getting on with the here and now “life is real, life is earnest” scenario.

When you decide to look into your family history, there’s definitely a point when you start to feel a connection with those who came before and Junior, like the rest of us, felt a totally unexpected attachment, one  where we see our ancestors as real people who lived very real lives and paved the way for their descendants.

To quote Dale, “It’s really cool to stand there over somebody that is responsible for you being there and that was pretty neat. I had done that before and I had people tell me to work on my family tree before, but I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. Once I got into it and started realizing the importance of it so it’s been a lot of fun.”

Although I enjoyed the Charlotte Observer article, I didn’t care for the hint of sensationalism in title  Are there any secrets in Dale Junior’s family tree? Dale Earnhardt Junior’s name would certainly be enough to garner interest.  Typically we all find something unexpected in our research, sometimes wonderful and often sad. Could Dale Earnhardt Jr. be a great participant in the television series, Who Do You Think You Are? Yes!

To read the  article and find more quotes by Dale Jr., in response to finding his ancestors, click on: Are there any secrets in Dale Junior’s family tree?

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3 Comments on Famous NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Junior connects to his past

  1. Tammy P. says:

    I understand why you didn’t like the heading in the Observer. It totally wasn’t necessary but it is a science in journalism and, if you look at old newspapers, always has been.
    I’m looking forward to seeing Junior win a race. It has been a long time.

  2. Jim C. says:

    Earnhardt Jr., is looking better this year but really needs to win a race for his fans.

  3. A. Steward says:

    It’s very nice to see he his thinking about those who came before. It’s an amazing feeling that grows over time an helps you understand who you are and feel more grounded.

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