I’ve just read an interesting article about a new sign has been erected at the entrance to the Eastern Bush Cemetery by The Southland District Council and the Eastern Bush Cemetery Trust.

The purpose is to develop the new informative notice board that was put in place yesterday. It has the names and location of people buried at the cemetery and includes its history. This is a nice idea.

Trust secretary-treasurer Lincoln Moffats said that he had  a copy of the minutes of the first meeting held on January 27, 1904, and a copy for  every meeting since.

The cemetery is still open as a trust and the price of a plot has remained unchanged at  would you believe $1 or $3 since 1904.

People are becoming increasingly interested in their heritage and a visit to the cemetery is an important part of their genealogy.

If you’d like to read the article by Shirley Whyte and take a look at the Southland Times, here’s the link:


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    This is the preefct way to break down this information.

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