It’s well-known that Irish genealogy research is difficult and often impossible because of the loss of many important records. I’ve touched on this problem before in my blog post The Lack of Irish Genealogical Records and a look at PRONI.

On June 30, 1922 the records of the Irish Chancery were destroyed in an explosion and fire at the Public Record Office of Ireland at Four Courts in Dublin. High on the list of important records were the medieval Irish Chancery rolls.

A new major online Internet resource will be launched by CIRCLE at a public lecture on May 10. CIRCLE is the completion of nearly 40 years of work to reconstruct the lost records. The lecture is called Rediscovering Medieval Ireland and is hosted by the Medieval History Research Centre of Trinity College, Dublin. Robin Frame is the lecturer.

It brings together all known letters enrolled on the Irish chancery rolls during the Middle Ages (1244–1509) drawing on originals, facsimiles, transcripts and calendars located in archival repositories in The Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England and the USA.

There are 20,000 Irish Chancery letters translated from Latin to English and an unparalleled collection of digital images of the surviving medieval chancery letters plus rare printed volumes.

If you’re in the area—“Venue: Thomas Davis Lecture Theatre (Room 2043, Arts Building), TCD. Start time: 6pm. No booking is necessary and there is no charge. Everyone is invited.”

To learn more about the collection click on CIRCLEit’s an amazing resource that will be appreciated by many.

Thanks to Irish Genealogy News where I learned about the CIRCLE project.

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