What can you do with 1000memories Shoeboxes?

A lot. You can preserve your photos sitting in your old albums and, yes, you can find additional backup for your more recent projects when you spent countless hours storing precious memories on your hard drives or flash drives.

Virtual shoeboxes store your photos created around an event or a them and helps you organize into meaningful categories from digital scrapbooks to birthday’s, anniversaries or family pets—just about anything you can think of. There’s a gallery you can explore on the site for inspiration.

The next step for most online organization is the App business and 1000memories has just unveiled its ShoeBox App for Android and ShoeBo 2.0 for the iPhone.

Diane Haddad who writes Family Tree Magazine’s blog genealogyinsider has posted the following breaking news from the NGS conference on the blog:

1000memories today launched its ShoeBox app for Android and a redesigned version of the app for iPhone. The app is designed to make your phone a sort of portable scanner: You “scan” a photo by snapping a picture of it, then upload the photo to your 1000memories site.

ShoeBox can auto-detect the edges of a photo and crop and straighten it. Users can add dates, names, locations and other information about the picture.

The newest version of the app for Android and iPhone lets users seamlessly organize scans into different collections and instantly share them with certain people using their mobile devices and the 1000memories site.

We blogged about the October 2011 debut of Shoebox for the iPhone here. Following that launch, ShoeBox became one of the top three free apps in the photography category and top two in the family history category.

ShoeBox is available in the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

Click on Explore the gallery for inspiration and to get a better idea of what you can do.

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