I’m enjoying Google’s effort to be more transparent and I enjoy learning new things that could be helpful in the future. Today’s post from Google is on the subject of emails and the routing process. For various different reasons, many of us wonder about the email routing process after we hit send.

Google has a new site called Story of Send, which is an effort answer questions and give you a behind-the-scenes look into how all your virtual information from your ISP to the Google Data centers reaches its destination.

You’ll get a look at how Google filters for spam (aol doesn’t appear to successfully for spam filter spam) and how they scan for viruses and maximize security. We’re all concerned about security and online privacy…

The Story of Send is a cute little video and you might like to show your kids or grandchildren too. It’s the type of simple presentation we all strive for, where you’re apt to learn something without realizing that you have done so.

Take a look and click on the video:

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  1. Harry C. says:

    Very cute! I know what you mean about the simplicity reaching out to kids of all ages. I also know what you mean about Google reaching out to folks in an effort to be more transparent to users on personal privacy issue. They caused a lot of waves on that one.

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