It would be hard to miss the promotion by of which is owned and operated by AppTime.

Family Historians and Genealogists will love the constantly expanding database of records and images from cemeteries around the world. Digitized images of each gravestone will be tagged with GPS coordinates to make finding your ancestors an easy process using you’re your mobile phone.

The database is growing daily and information is provided by an army of volunteers from around the world who have the goal of collecting the coordinates of one billion graves.  This makes it a great fit to be included in

The following information was posted on FamilySearch:

Effective immediately, FamilySearch would like to announce that we will be adding to FamilySearch the growing indexes of BillionGraves’ database. This new arrangement will be a great benefit to both organizations. Indexed photos of tombstones provided by the BillionGraves website can now be found by searching records on the BillionGraves search page of the website and is available to the public at no cost. This will be the case from now into the indefinite future. To learn more about BillionGraves and see what they are all about, visit the BillionGraves website.

We are excited to expand the partnering relationship with AppTime to include BillionGraves. AppTimes’ relationship with FamilySearch began over two years ago with the development and marketing of MobilTree, a success full iPhone and Android application that interfaces with FamilySearch Family Tree. This expanded relationship is just one example of how FamilySearch works with other companies and organizations to help bring the genealogy and family history community members the best and latest family history resources available.

Click on the video below to learn more about One Billion Graves:

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