A lot of us miss seeing and listening to brutally frank comments from Simon Cowell on American Idol. Let’s face it, the show hasn’t been quite the same since he picked up his marbles and moved on.

Simon Cowell, one of the richest individuals in the world of entertainment, is the fourth post in Roy Stockdill’s series on the genealogy of famous people for the Findmypast.co.uk.blog.

Mr Stockdill’s research reveals Cowell’s very interesting family roots established in London’s East End, which more than likely contributed to his ability to think outside of the box and successfully shift his paradigms on the fly.

Personality quirks aside, I think most of us can agree he has more than proved to be an amazingly successful businessman and entrepreneur with an ability to spot genius.

If you’d like to read about Simon’s interesting genealogy, click on Famous Family Trees:

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3 Comments on Interesting roots: Simon Cowell’s family tree

  1. Tin Lizzie says:

    The show is apparently still popular but appears to appeal to a whole different group. It used to be popular among all age groups.

  2. Veda Lovelace says:

    I miss Simon on American Idol. It probably wont be on for much longer. He could be really mean and then amazingly kind. This is an interesting post.

  3. Roger White says:

    Roy’s recent posts have been brilliant, just finished his piece on Uma Thurman

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