Genealogy is not a boring word anymore that’s appropriate only to your grandparents. Quite opposite of what many people might think, an interest in genealogy has not only penetrated mainstream America, but it has spread around the world.  East of access is the key and organizations like, and have successfully advanced research and access to online information.

The North Carolina Department of Cultural Research has added their contribution to the mix by publishing some interesting hints on how to “Make History This Holiday”.

Use holiday time together to record family stories, recipes and other memories, as well as plan for summer family reunions.

If there is a veteran in the family, the State Archives has a list of questions that can help the guide the interview. For more information, contact Military Archivist Sion Harrington at (919) 807-7314, or”

If you live near Raleigh the “Government & Heritage Library at the State Library of North Carolina has an extensive Genealogy Collection. The collection contains family histories, published abstracts, periodicals, county histories and reference materials, as well as census records, an assortment of electronic databases, and vast microfilm collections. The collection is located in Archives & History/State Library building at 109 East Jones St, in downtown Raleigh. For information, call (919) 807-7430.

Additionally, some of the following online collections showcasing the history and culture of North Carolina will be of interest to everyone. They have unique and valuable holdings that are easily accessible at the North Carolina Digital Repository

The collection includes:

  • Views from Variety Vacationland:
  • An Era of Progress and Promise, 1863-1910
  • N.C. Census Data: 1960-1980
  • N.C. Family Records Online
  • N.C. Government Web Site Archives
  • N.C. Historic Health Collections
  • North Carolina Awards
  • Transforming the Tar Heel State
  • The Legacy of N.C. Public Libraries

Definitely worth a look and an interesting site for everyone to visit. Certainly a great site for people with ancestors in North Carolina who’d like to learn something about how they lived and the social history of the state.

Click on the link view all the online collections.

The N.C. Museum of History, in downtown Raleigh is a great place to visit and will continue its exhibit “Discover the Real George Washington: New Views From Mount Vernon,” which is part of a three-year national tour. Approximately 100 objects associated with Washington are featured in this exhibition on view through Jan. 21, 2011. The N.C. Museum of History is the only venue in the Southeast on the exhibition’s tour. If you’d like to visit the museum online click on North Carolina Museum of History.

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