Arlington National Cemetery will soon be the first national burial site to go digital via a smartphone app due to be on the market in the fall. With the power of GPS technology visitors will be able to more easily find loved ones buried in the cemetery.

Also included is an online component which will allow anyone with Internet access to find graves of loved ones via a “virtual visit” thanks to the Army having developed a high-system that combines aerial photographic maps with digital records.

The idea will very likely catch on and the Department of Veterans Affairs, currently managing 131 national cemeteries, is already considering a similar system.

The motivation to provide these high-tech services is the result of Arlington’s effort to place the mismanagement scandal in the past. I’ve blogged several times about the scandal, which started two years ago, when Army Inspector General investigation reported double-booked grave sites, graves with no headstones, unidentified urns dumped in a mass grave and millions of dollars wasted on information management systems.

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