It’s amazing what fear of the unknown can conjure up. About to be put up for auction in Britain is an 1890s vampire-slaying kit described as “almost complete and in good condition” and expected to fetch up to $2,000.

The vampire-slaying tools are housed in a blue velvet lined mahogany box with the inner cover set with a gilt metal and a mahogany crucifix. Vampire were/are apparently allergic to silver and the lock on the box is made of silver in the form of a cross.

Included in the kit is a wooden mallet and four oak stakes, glass vials of holy water and garlic paste.  Also included is an 1830 vintage percussion cap pistol plus a steel bullet mold.

As legend would have it, vampire were apparently vulnerable to many things and the essentials are in the box. They were unable to touch consecrated ground so the vials of holy water and earth are an appropriate part of the kit. There’s also a handwritten psalm.

According to Britain’s Daily mail the box was given to the vendor by a rich and, quite evidently, eccentric uncle who own many weird artifacts, including books on the occult.

If you’d like more details click on Daily Mail.


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