Every time I try to move away from Google and try another method to research information or revisit an approach, I wind up returning to Google.

The idea of trying another research channel was my response to the recent privacy issues aired as a result of Google’s method of collecting personal information.

Google is it for me. There’s no way of getting around the fact that they’re all collecting and if you have a problem the only way out is not to go online.

I use and have used a lot of  tools including Google Office—the alternative to Microsoft Office—where you store documents in the cloud which conveniently makes your documents are available on any machine that has an internet connection. The advanced sharing tool is a great feature.

I’ve just tried out the Hot Searches in Google Trends and have found it surprisingly useful when looking for answers. This is a good tool to use when looking for answers and current information about what’s happening around the country.

Using Hot Searches enables you to see a list of fastest rising search terms in the U.S. for a snapshot of what’s on the public’s collective mind—I guess that could be a scary thought too.

The big news from Google is that Hot Searches now has a refresh that makes the list of searches more visual, groups related rising search terms together and lets you see more information about those searches.

As you might know you’re apt to find a celebrity engagement or news about a TV series is very much on the minds of the masses, but there is so much more in Google Trends because you can enter the subject of your choice.

Click on Google Trends to search what’s current in searches and add your own search string. It’s a good idea to kick the tires for a while.

You can also try out Hot Searches. Today top topic is Apple’s MacBook Air price cuts effort to edge out the competition.

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  1. Qrian says:

    very interesting.why can’t we use goolge search volumes or “hit counts” on certain sites to gage optimism or despair re the market? does goolge make any information like that available, and is it real time? what other firms would have these stats?”hits” on amazon might be an early indication of confidence, even before the purchase is made and so on.

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