I very recently added a post to SpittalStreet.com about the sale of a vampire-slaying kit and decided to further the paranormal experience with a tale about ghost hunters in Barnstable, Massachusetts.

Most people have had an unusual experience at least once in their lives and although I have never seen a ghost, I’m willing to keep an open mind on this one.

According to Derek Bartlett, a former marine and founder of non-profit society Cape and Islands Paranormal Research Society, Barnstable Village, is the most haunted place on the Cape per square foot. There’s no formal education needed to be a ghost hunter, all you need is an open mind and a willingness to learn plus a lot of reading power.

Bartlett told Boston.com that he’s been punched, kicked and forced to the ground by unseen hands during the last eight years.

Visitors can take two tours, the 2-hour Haunted History Tours emphasize historic sites in a mile long loop in the area and discusses ghosts that are associated with them. Then there is the Ghost Hunter Tours which last three hours and include an hour at a local cemetery. Participants get to use sensory equipment to identify paranormal activity.

Steve Davis of South Yarmouth was taking the tour for the second time with his son, Tucker, 4. Davis recalled that on the last tour, which he took with his wife just before Tucker was born, they had a strange experience at the cemetery. Standing in front of a gravestone in the dark, he said, “I felt something pulling me toward the stone, and my wife said she felt as though her feet were heavy and sinking into the ground.” When Bartlett shined his flashlight on the stone, they saw that it was the resting place of someone named Davis.”

The final stop in the ghost tour is  Old Jail where the condition of darkness in the cells where 18th century prisoners were held was truly frightening.

There’s a lot more to the article and if you’d like to know the tour times, in case you’d like to take one or both tours click on Boston.com

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