The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has recently published an updated Open Government Plan for 2012-2014 designed to guide their efforts “in transparency, participation, and collaboration”.

Although I can’t agree with the transparency, participation, and collaboration mantra for all government organizations, I believe that NARA always puts its best foot forward. Unlike some other government entities, they’ve accomplished some interesting tasks. In spite of government budgets, we can appreciate the great services they provide to the public.

Over the past two years, they’ve implemented most of the 70 items they set out to complete in the 2010 Open Government Plan, including major initiatives in records management, declassification, and FOIA, as well as redesigning and Included in the new list of items is to move the cloud. Cloud computing is a trend that can’t be ignored—everybody’s doing it. NASA the U.S. space agency has already moved several of its applications to the cloud and NASA’s CIO said that her organization estimates that it’s saved almost a million dollars over the year after it moved the applications. Here’s a list of items on the NARA agenda. You’ll find a link to the Open Government Planbelow:

  • Within our newly updated plan, you will see the specific items we plan to work on over the next two years, including:
  • Strengthen our culture of open government by revisiting the strategic planning process;
  • Improve employee engagement, including launching an agency-wide mentoring program;
  • Improve internal collaboration and knowledge sharing through the use of our internal collaboration network;
  • Strengthen our relationships with individual citizen archivists and groups, while exploring new crowd sourcing tools;
  • Move to the cloud, implement a content management system and launch a web page for developers
  • Establish a new Records and Information Management Network to support our internal records management;
  • Issue a Records Management Directive outlining a 21st century framework for managing government records;
  • Process backlog records related to the Katyn Atrocities, POW/MIA concerns, and the Cuban Missile Crisis; and
  • Work with the General Printing Office to develop a mobile app for the Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents.

Click on National Archives Open Government Plan to access the document in PDF or Word.  You can also still access the 2010 plan too.

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