Beavers mate for life and according to Discovery News beavers are among the best dads in the animal kingdom.

One beaver widower who lost his long-time mate called “Dad” lives in a Martinez, California beaver colony  was suddenly left with three young kits to care for when his partner died suddenly of an infection. They had previously raised 12 other kits together.

Well Dad stepped up to the plate! He not only built the family home, but also regularly repaired it, gathered food, and completed other beaver duties. In addition to taking on the care-giving basics, Dad gave the kit beavers back-rides, taught them how to dive, and brought them gourmet tender new shoots for dinner.

Young beavers usually leave home when they are 2-3 years old. If Dad’s trio decides to move, he’ll likely accompany them to find suitable new territory. This type of primo care is not uncommon in the beaver world.

Click on the video to see dad at work and kit getting a back-ride:

Click on the link to learn more.

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4 Comments on Happy Father’s Day! See how a single parent beaver dad gives a dam

  1. Brenda C. says:

    I loved this story and the video. It’s beautiful and amazing how the animal kingdom works.

  2. Jan King says:

    I’m so glad I stopped by this blog today. Can’t wait to show my grandchildren the video. Keep up the good work.

  3. Jennifer F says:

    Amazing post! Very touching and sweet. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! You are doing a great job with this blog! :-)

  4. Tin Lizzie says:

    What a lovely video. I did learn something about beavers. Very precious.

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