During the last ice age, the sea level of our planet dropped and uncovered a vast land bridge between Asia and America This likely permitted the first bands of people to migrate from the Russian far east into what is now Alaska.

When the glaciers receded, the new arrivals drove south to the Great Plains and went on to people the Americas. Their descendants founded pueblo cities and built empires in the Andes.

Prominent scholars have argued that Europeans, known 18,000 years ago as the Solutreans of France and Spain, were the first people to settle the Americas.

By the time Christopher Columbus made landfall in 1492, he had missed discovering the New World by a span of time so great it would have been beyond his comprehension. I have also read that there is evidence that the Celts were also in North America before Columbus.

According to Bill Tiffee’s article on Solutreans in America, discusses the possibility that the Solutreans who first settled in America were from Egypt, and that the genetic maker X is found in the highest concentrations among the Druze–who migrated from Egypt 1,000 years ago—and the descendants of the Moundbuilder Native groups, which includes the Sioux and Algonquin and possibly Cherokee.

Tiffee’s article examines the similarities between the Solutrean and the Clovis or Paleo-Indian stone technology.  He also inks ancient Egyptians with “genetic marker E-M78, mitochondrial haplogroup X, Tula and the Spiro Complex mounds in Oklahoma, among other North American sites. He also discusses the Great Flood of about 10,000 years ago, the legends surrounding Osiris and the rise of agriculture in southern Turkey (Gobekli Tepe).

It has previously stated on DNA Consultants blog the Cherokee DNA has both Greek and Egyptian DNA. There’s a book titled Old World Roots of the Cherokee that I’ve previously written about on SpittalStreet.com, which specifically tells the DNA story of the Cherokee lines, including hapologroups T and X.

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  1. Jennifer F says:

    Very interesting article! Egyptian DNA in the Native American Indians could be a possibility.

  2. Junior Williams says:

    Historians used to share their knowledge about Egyptians who were in an exhibition lots of years long ago. So it isn’t going to be surprising when we found out that Egyptians were the first Americans.

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