It’s always so nice to read a heartwarming article when current climate of finger pointing and lies in a quest for power has reached the point where people actually view their actions with disgust. This particular story started in nasty actions by some vandals who broke headstones at Felts Mills cemetery near Potstdam, New York and ended in human decency when a Potstdam stonemason Matt Williams offered the fix the broken ones.

Mr. Williams said he had never thought much about cemeteries until his 19-year old stepdaughter was killed in a car crash last October, see’s it differently now that she’s in a sacred place and you have idiot’s (I say useless idiots) desecrating the headstones.

To add insult to injury the headstones of Revolutionary War veterans were among those that were broken. Mr William’s son recently returned from Iraq and thankfully safe and sound. “People who do those things and devote their safety and their life for freedom, you don’t go and disrespect their memory and their place of rest.

If you’d like to read the entire article click on Watertown Daily News.

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  1. LInda Gartz says:

    And to these idiot vandals, we have to add the idiot Taliban in Timbuktu (a name evoked by my Dad whenever he wanted to describe an extremely remote place) destroying ancient tombs in the name of Sharia law. Destructive behavior takes all sorts of forms–and rationalizations. Sadly no one can fix the destroyed tombs in Timbuktu — nor the Buddhas destroyed by the Taliban a few years back in Afghanistan. These treasures are gone forever.

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