The National Archives has launched new online videos of its most popular genealogy “how to” workshops. The Know Your Records series is a “how to” in creation, content and use of records created by the federal government.

The videos cover “hot topics” in genealogical research such as Civil War records, online resources and databases, etc. These workshops are led by National Archives experts and are made available on the National Archives YouTube channel [].

Lectures on Know Your Records are held weekly at two places:

On Tuesdays in room G-24 at the National Archives Building in Washington, DC.

Thursdays in Lecture Room B at the College Park building.

Learn more about the Know Your Records program at or via e-mail at

This following sample video is part of the Know Your Records series of talk at the National Archives. This one is the second part of a discussion on electronic records that are of interest to genealogists, and how to access those records on NARA’s AAD online. The lecture is led by Dan Law, of the Archival Operations of Electronic Records department, held at the National Archives at College Park on March 14, 2012.

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