I’ll start by saying I know that the tap water in Scotland does taste different from the tap water in the United States and many other countries that I’ve visited through the years.

There’s nothing like it. And, since I spent my formative years in Scotland I know this is true. I never needed a soft drink with my meals, the water was sufficient.

When I read the online article in the Dundee Courier of how the preservationists washed the first edition of the paper (printed in 1816) in a trough of water, it wasn’t such a stretch to believe that the Scottish tap water wouldn’t  need much help with added chemicals to complete the task.

Watching anyone handling a 200 year-old fragile document is quite disturbing under any circumstances. Imagine seeing it being submerged in a trough of water.  This first edition was washed three times over for about 30 minutes each time during a restoration process that has taken many hours of painstaking work.

”It’s as simple as that!” Emma Fraser explained. ”Often we use de-ionised water and sometimes it’s necessary to check PH levels and acid balances. But Scottish water is good enough for a process like this, warmed slightly to speed up reactions. Water also reinforces the bonds of the fibres of the paper.”

There’s more so please click on TheCourier.co.uk  to learn more about it.

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