Start Looking has a new version of their iPhone and iPad app. The entire app has a new look. The idea is to make the interaction with your family tree more like interacting with a map or a photo with the ability to pinch zooms in an out. Swiping moves the entire tree.

The old version only showed direct lines and you’ll now be able to show more relatives. The new viewer includes an option to show grandchildren, siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins.

As with any new software upgrade, Ancestry is  listening to customer feedback and are already working on improvements requested by end users. For example, they’re working on removing grandchildren from the Pedigree View in the next update to make it easier for you to see your whole tree.

As with anything new give yourself time to get used to the new viewer

Click on working with the new family tree viewer for detailed explanations and screenshots that will help you after you install the app. The screenshots give a very clear explanation to what to expect.

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