The National Genalogical Society (NGS) very recently announced a new partnership with Funium owner of the Facebook game Family Village. Players will be able to explore their family trees by accessing NGS resources and research aids.

I previously wrote about Family Village in my article Family Village new Facebook® Platform game now open to public. In Family Village, you build a thriving village building businesses, assigning jobs, collecting profits etc. As you grow your village Funium, the creator of the Facebook game, is working behind the scenes to find connections and documents to help you learn about your family. You can save these documents in your library and share them with friends and family.  populated with avatars representing your family and ancestors. You’ll build businesses, assign jobs, and collect profits to earn money for your village to grow. You’ll build homes, buy cars, pets, and decorations from the time in which your ancestors lived, all while learning about your heritage.

As your village grows, Funium will be working behind the scenes to find family connections and interesting documents such as newspaper articles, yearbook photos, census records, marriage records, maps and many other interesting items that will allow you to know much more about your family. You will be able to save these documents in your library and share them with other friends and family as you wish.

Click on Market Watch to read the announcement.

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