Some interesting statistics have been picked out of the 2000 U.S. Census. The census was used to identify the top 10 ethnic ancestries in the country. For some reason it was a surprise to be that German was No.1at 15.2% followed by Irish at 10.8%. I personally thought it would be Irish because I lived in New York for 28 years.

Here’s a list of the top 10 with statistics:

  1. German 15.2%
  2. Irish 10.8%
  3. African American 8.8%
  4. English 8.7%
  5. American 7.2%
  6. Hispanic 6.5%
  7. Italian 5.6%
  8. Polish 3.0%
  9. Native American 2.8%

I’m not quite sure how to interpret No. 5. American 7.2%.

To get back to No. 1 Germany, the 2000 census data was used to show those claiming German ancestry state by state:

  1. California 3.3 million (the nation’s largest state)
  2. Pennsylvania 3.1 million
  3. Ohio 2.8 millin
  4. Illinois 2.4 million
  5. Wisconsin 2.2 million
  6. New York at least 2 million
  7. Texas at least 2 million
  8. Michigan at least 2 million
  9. Florida 1.8 million
  10. Minnesota 1.8 million

This information was compiled by, which is without a doubt the largest free source of family research information. With the advent of subscription databases FamilySearch is not taking a back seat to all of this and are urging individuals, as well as, researchers to “make its genealogy wiki an unsurpassed source of family history information.”

With the focus still on Germany the FamilySearch project categorized the content of German research questions made to the staff. Vital Information ranked first.

The results were in sync with the German and U.S. statistics. Eighteenth century and early to mid-19th century immigration came from southwest Germany and later on came from northern and eastern areas of Germany.

A more complete report will be published by FamilySearch, which will include full results of this research study and the organization is doing its due diligence by digging deeper to better understand where people need help.

The information was presented in an article published in LDNews.

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  1. Jill Davenport says:

    This is an interesting article. I was very interested to hear that people of German descent are top of the list. Thanks for the information.

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