Magherafelt District Council has launched a new interactive website which includes a new online genealogy resource to provide accurate historical information both textual and photographic.

The council opened a Tourist Information office 15 years ago and receives daily genealogy inquiries from all over the world so the goal is to have uploaded photographs and maps of local cemeteries and grave markers to give people a starting point in their family history research.

There are over 60 cemeteries in the area and there’s a wealth of information and up until now there has been no single research that houses all this information.

The folks who were hired to develop the site visited each cemetery, took photos and documented descriptions and developed maps. Each of the cemeteries has its own page on the site along with its history and a link to persons of interest buried there. There is another positive side to finding information online because the number of people stepping over resting places is effectively reduced.

In keeping with the times, each grave marker has GPS coordinates and a phone app is in development. If end users find the information vague they can narrow their search with the information available from historic documents from local parishes, which hold information about life in the local community. They have even managed to add old film footage.

With all the information available it’s understandable that the site has taken 9 months to develop to meet the needs of each council department and in keeping with industry standards and with easy navigation in mind.

Click on Mid-Ulster Mail to read the article.

Click on Magherafelt District Council to access the site genealogy page.

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