The last day for members of the public to stop by the Georgia State Archives will be on October 31, 2012. Georgia Secretary of state Brian Kemp announced on Thursday of this week that the state archives will be closed to general public walk-ins. This makes Georgia the only state without a place for the public to research and review historical records without prior arrangements.

The Governor of the state ordered a further 3% reduction in spending because of weak tax collections and a choice needed to be made between the services the secretary of state’s office provides businesses or the archives. Mr. Kemp said that his agency has no more excess to eliminate and is left with no choice but to drop services to reach the $733,000 target. By eliminating these services people will be laid off but there is still no announcement about how many or who.

“Kemp vowed to get funding to reopen the facility when the General Assembly returns in January to consider Deal’s latest reductions.”

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