Until now, Mac users have been unable to participate in the Ancestry World Archives Project and would like to do so there is now a Mac version of the keying tool. If this is the first time you’re learning about this project the information below will help you to understand what it’s all about:

Have you always wanted to participate in the Ancestry World Archives Project but haven’t been able to because you have a Mac?  Well, you’re in luck.  There is now a Mac version of the keying tool!  We are excited to expand into the Mac world and to add more contributors to our amazing community.  The keying tool is the software we use to download records from Ancestry and then enter data from the records that result in indexes that will later be available on Ancestry.

In the past four years we have completed 170 projects, and there are now 130 databases with indexes available to be searched for free on Ancestry.  This is the result of tens of thousands of contributors giving of their time and skills.  We have 26 projects currently available to index including California Railroad Employment Records, 1862-1950, Kansas, City and County Census, 1919-1978, Liverpool, United Kingdom, Crew Lists 1860-1919, Pavia, Lombardia, Italia: Registri di Matrimonio, 1866-1937 (Registers of Marriage) and USHMM Lodz, Poland, Vital Records of Jews in the Lodz Ghetto, 1939-1944.

The World Archives Project is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the genealogy community, to hone your record reading skills and if you’re an active contributor you are eliglble for discounts on your Ancestry subscription.  You can learn more about participating in the World Archives Project here.

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