October is American Archives Month, a time when the efforts of all the great archivists throughout the country are recognized. The work of an archivist at the National Archives is a lot different from what you’ve experienced at the office. You may even have seen the commercial with the file clerk sitting exhausted at her desk with her file basket filled to overflowing until she gets a blast from the five hour energy elixir and voilà all is well and work is completed within seconds.

David S. Ferriero, 10th Archivist of the United States since November 6, 2009, has written a very nice pose on his blog praising the work of his archivists at the National Archives. He tells the reader what he loves about the National Archives and the discoveries made every day in the records of our country.

If you’d like to read the blog post click on Archives of the United States (AOTUS).

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  1. May Daye says:

    I remember those filing baskets! The National Archives would never be in such a disorganized state. I do love the online archives and would love to have the opportunity to visit in person.

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