When you’ve been researching family history for a few years it’s easy to forget to pass along what seems obvious. I’m talking about those helpful hints for finding your ancestors that seem clear, but are not so apparent to people starting out.

Nick Cifuentes has published a blog post on Ancestry that provides some great tips on the valuable information found in death certificates. That one document alone can provide you with the details about your ancestor’s birth, life and death, such as:

  • Parents’ names are usually included and you’ll likely learn where your ancestor was born. This information can be used as a starting point to research the birth certificates of the parents
  • The deceased’s occupation is usually mentioned too, as well as, where he or she lived at time of death
  • If you’re ancestor was married you’ll also get the spouses name. A wife’s maiden name us usually given
  • The cause of death is listed and this can be very useful for future generations. The more you know about your family medical history the more you can look into prevention

The Ancestry blog post gives detailed instructions about the various different ways of acquiring this information as well as cost.

Information is also available in Death Records collection and it could prove very helpful and less costly than the fee paid to a State Vital Records Office or town hall in which the death took place.

To learn more details click on Ancestry.com/blog

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  1. T. Pollard says:

    This is a great reminder for everyone. Beginners will find this especially useful.

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