Since I made the decision to cut the clutter and go electronic with books and other paper records I have, like some others, often commented that ebooks appear over priced overpriced. In fact, I’ve even blogged on the subject several times. The article that would pertain to this blog post is about the Department of Justice(DoJ) filing suit against Apple Inc., and 5 of the largest U.S. publishers who allegedly conspired to raise prices on eBooks and block from selling at discounted prices.( U.S. Department of Justice law suit: Apple, Publishers Colluded on E-Book Prices.)  Recently, a $69 million national settlement was reached, so the Attorney General was really serious about eBook prices.  Thank you Mr. Attorney General.

I just received an email from my favorite book vendor who informed me as follows:  “Records indicate that you are eligible for a payment from Settlements reached by the State Attorneys General with E-book publishers Hachette, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster. The Settlements resolve an antitrust lawsuit about the price of electronic books (“E-books”). Barnes & Noble has not been sued in this case. It is providing this notice as a service to its customers.

If you purchased one or more qualifying eBook between, April 1, 2010 through May 21, 2012, you will receive a credit into eBook account or, you might prefer to receive a check. A qualifying eBook probably means that your purchase came from one of the offending publishers and you can now expect a refund.

There’s a fine measure of legalese in the email just to keep everything on the up and up, but folks who qualify will be very happy. There a legal notice attached just to make sure you understand what it’s all about.

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2 Comments on $69 million eBook settlement could mean money for you

  1. Janice J. says:

    Isn’t this great! I got a notice too, which just happened to land in my spam box so be on the lookout.

  2. Dorry Linn says:

    I hope some people actually get something back. eBooks still cost to much. The mark up is high and I doubt that the authors gain is large.

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