is publishing a daily mystery genealogy death records challenge using the site’s death records collections. If you enter a challenge you’ll be entered in a November 2  grand prize drawing for an iPad.

Challenges will be available today, Oct. 19 (the weekend challenge) and again on Oct. 22, 24, 26, 29, and 31st. If you answer(s) are correct get ready for the possibility of winning the iPad. If you don’t win the grand price you could still be in line to win:  Gift certificates, subscriptions, or a DNA test.

Dig in to a mystery right now!

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2 Comments on Win a prize in Death Records contest

  1. This sounds like something I could be interested in, as I am still doing some investigation concerning my Culp family deaths and burials This family has been on our American soil since the 15th century

  2. I have a lot of information concerning my Culp family ancestors, (my maiden name was Culp) This family has fought in all of the Colonial wars. The battle of Culp’s Hill was on the very land where one of my great uncles died defending the farm land on which a famous Civil War battle was fought. Culp’s hill was owned by one of my grandfather’s. This land is now owned by the U.S.Park Dept.

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