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An interesting list has been put together by Irish Central of the top 100 common Irish surnames with a brief explanation of where these names come from. The list provides an interesting historical reference from A to W.

I was interested to learn that MacCormack was of Scottish origin from the Buchanan clan. As written in Scottish history, the Buchanan’s originally came from Northern Ireland as descendants of the second son of Ulster king Annselan O’ Cahan (Scottish spelling Anselan O’Kyan) who travelled to Scotland to help the Scottish king to fight the Danes. He was given a large parcel of land in central Scotland for his service. It’s also interesting to see from the list that the Irish and Scots mingled extensively followed by the Welsh and some English.

I’m also adding Irish Central to my Blogroll as well as new page with Irish names.

Click on Irish Central to see their list.

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