Last week I passed through Lenoir in North Carolina on the way to enjoy mountain views of the North Carolina Fall foliage. (Lenoir by the way is pronounced Lenore although Renoir is not pronounced Renore).

We did wonder in passing about the location of the new Google data center that did bring some much needed jobs to North Carolina—as long as they actually did employ North Carolinians.

The Lenoir data center is an intricate maze of computers that process Internet search requests, show You Tube video clips, and distributes email for millions of people.

Color-coded pipes for the cooling system, and a G-Bike for employees to get around the facility

Also, last week, a post on Google’s official blog announced a project that allows users to step inside the private world of its data centers. It’s the first time Google’s impressive efficiency records have been open.

I’ve included links and some stunning photographs in this blog post. There are eight images out on the web and the first image of eight is one of Lenoir with others from data centers around the U.S., Finland and Belgium. Data centers are also being built in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Chile.

Google builds its own facilities and is careful to regulate temperatures through environmentally friendly means (such as recycled water). Google always tries to select sites based on their naturally occurring resources. North Carolina has a plentiful supply of natural resources.

We are regularly informed by their regular reporting methods, we just didn’t know that they’re beautiful too.

Behind the servers at the Mayes County, Oklahoma facility.

The photographic access of the data centers is reported to coincide with the publication of a Wired magazine article by award-winning journalist Steven Levy about how the company builds and operates them.

Virtual tours of the Lenoir data center will be made available thorough Google’s “Street View” service, usually used to view photos of neighborhoods around the globe.

Even as it allows us to peek inside the data centers, Google intends to closely guard physical access to its buildings. They are also close-mouthed about how many computers are in the data centers.

To see the stunning photos of Google’s data centers, including the Lenoir facility click on Google Data Center Gallery. You will not be disappointed.

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3 Comments on Peek inside Google’s data centers and see the amazingly beautiful facilities

  1. Deirdre C. says:

    This is a great post. The colorful pics are amazing. It makes one want to work for Google–an A+ environment by the looks of it. Unfortunately,they don’t need that many people to work the server farms. Loved the idea of a bycycle to get around the building.

  2. Jan King says:

    The pictures are amazing. It was interesting to read that Google handles its own construction. Very complicated construction inside. This beats all, I thought the mass of wires beneath my computer desk was an intricate web.

  3. J. Beamer says:

    The picture are a big Wow! Google does get the job done. Loved the tongue in cheek about Lenoir and Renoir. North Carolina is beautiful. The mountain views can compete with any place on earth.

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