If you are hooked on researching your family history and want to consider enhancing your skillset to become a certified genealogist to help others, you could start by looking at The Genealogists Proof Standard.

The Proof Standard code t was originally written in 1964 and then updated in 1994 by the Board for Certification of Genealogists. The principles and ethics outlined in the code are necessary and essential for professional genealogists.

The code has been written to ensure consistency with those both certified by the board, and those not, who in engage in genealogical research as a profession. As reported by the Examiner it is broken into the following three sections, which exemplify proper ethics and keep reputations safe:

  1. To protect the public. This includes being realistic in our abilities, using citations, and publishing only that which we know to be fact.
  2. To protect the consumer (client, correspondent or relative). Maintaining confidentiality, obtaining clear, written agreements, and identifying for the client what conclusions are based on direct vs circumstantial evidence.
  3. To protect the profession. Giving proper credit to other author’s and presenters, avoid intentionally stealing clients, and “playing nice in the sandbox” with other genealogists.”

Click on Board for Certification of Genealogists to visit the informational website.

Click on the graphic below to purchase The BCG Genealogical Standards Manual from Alibris:

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