Some of the most interesting articles can be found in unexpected places. This article on the Mayan  December 2012 prophecy was posted by a friend on Facebook.

The past couple of weeks have certainly been difficult for the folks in New York and New Jersey and comments have been made about doomsday warnings and the Mayan Prophecy by many people.

The writer was invited to meet the Mayan Elders from Guatemala and to interview Dom Tomás Calvo who is the head of the Order of the Mayan Lords and keepers of the Mayan Book of Creation.

The article is an inquiry into the true meaning of the Mayan Prophecy and its significance for planet Earth as part of our solar system is predicted to become the center of the galaxy. The significance for human beings is potential to change.

The answers are so simple but probably impossible to achieve in our increasingly complicated existence.

Click on The True Meaning of the Mayan Prophecy to read the article.


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