Well, maybe. I’ve just come across a different kind of article. As the title suggest the author believes that the Sudoku puzzle is a good way to develop your genealogical skills—an interesting idea.

If you’re not good at math don’t worry, don’t let the numbers fool you. You don’t need to be great at arithmetic. It’s really all about reasoning. And, by the way, it’s not Japanese as the name suggests.

Click on the history of Sudoko to learn more about the brain teasing number puzzle.

If you don’t know how, click on Learn to Play Sudoko to understand the basics. If you understand the basics you’ll understand the premise of the article.

Click on Sudoku as a Genealogical tool to read the article and decide for yourself. If you don’t agree you’ll at least find some mental stimulation to get those creative juices flowing if you decide to play.  You’ll also find some interesting links on where to find Sudoko puzzles.


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