Only a few years ago there were few concerns about future concerns of digital storage outside corporate and organizational records management. More and more we are seeing articles and blog posts about personal digital archiving trickling down from the institutional organizations to everyday personal digital concerns for family history researchers and others. has an excellent  article on the subject which addresses digital challenges including addressing the challenges of obsolete storage technologies, file format challenges and solutions, sharing your digital records, and putting it all together. It’s a long article with an amazing amount of useful information for yourself and to pass along to others.

Listed below are content headings as well as the link to read article:

  • Why Digital Records?
  • Digital Record Requirements
  • What is Digital Preservation?
  • Digital Preservation Challenges
  • Archival Storage Media Challenges and Solutions
  • Addressing the Challenges of Obsolete Storage Technologies
  • File Format Challenges and Solutions
  • Addressing the Challenge of Obsolete File Formats
  • Adding Descriptive Information to Records
  • Copyright Considerations
  • Archiving Records
  • Sharing Your Digital Records
  • Putting It All Together

Click on the link  Preserving Your Family History Records Digitally to read the article.

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