has published the following Instagram Facebook contest to celebrate the holidays. To access the contest you have to click “Like”:

As family historians, we always wish our ancestors had documented and passed down more. Especially around the holidays as I spend time with family, I think of my ancestors more than ever. What was Christmas like for them? What were their holiday traditions? What kinds of gifts did they give each other and more. The next thought comes as a jab in the ribs as I think to myself that I may not be documenting my own family and traditions well enough for future generations. So, to remind everyone of our own need to document, Ancestry is encouraging photo taking and sharing during this holiday season.

This year we’re encouraging everyone to document and share their family and traditions via Instagram. Simply take some family photos with the instagram app and tag the images with #ancestryholiday. Those that participate will be entered to win a variety of products. You can learn more on’s Facebook page here.

We’re looking forward to spending time with your family this holiday season.

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