THE-UNIVERSITY-OF-EDINBURGHEstablished in November 1989 the European Ethnological Research Centre (EERC) was established as a Charitable Trust with the primary concern being the promotion of research into the everyday life of the people of Scotland and across all levels of society. Originally based at the National Museums of Scotland in Edinburgh its research activities have been transferred to the University of Edinburgh.

Online researchers can find a treasure trove of 53 resources, one of which is the National Library of Scotland (NLS) which is the largest library in Scotland and is one of the major research libraries in Europe. The library collections range from rare historical documents to online journals, specializing in Scottish history and culture.

You can access a guide for researchers at The NLS also holds manuscripts and resources for the study of “Dumfries and Galloway, such as the Maxwell of Monreith muniments and the letters of Joseph Train to Walter Scott. Some material useful for ethnological study has been digitised, and can be found on the Library’s website, for example the ‘Word on the Street’ collection (, which contains nearly 1,800 broadsides dating from between 1650 and 1910.”

Click on University of Edinburgh Category Archives and Libraries to view the resources available.  If you’d like a return visit, I have added the link to my Blogroll list in the side-bar.

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